Who's on board?

Show it with our "on board" car stickers.

Combine a nice design with the right color and make funny stickers.

Your children will love it when they see their names on the back window of the car

Click here and order your car sticker. Starting from 9,95 EURO

  • Choose one of our ten models and colors.

    Make a real work of art.

  • Together for road safety

    Make people aware of the fact that you are concerned about the general road safety by showing an on board sticker!

  • Easy to stick and remove

    Download our stick manual or watch our instruction movie

  • Delivered in a special wrapping

    Our stickers will be deliverd with the bigest concern.

  • The in- and outside of the window

    Choose a sticker that you can stick on the in-and outside of the window

In this movie we explain to you how you have to stick a sticker on your car.

Download stick instructions

  • How to delete?

    When you heat the sticker with a hairdryer, the gluo will get solid.You can also remove the sticker very easily. Watch out, when you do this the sticker will be damaged.

Click here and order your car stickers starting from 9,95 EURO.

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