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Size information BNUTZ shirts

Size Age Length Width 62/68 0-6 month 30 cm 24 cm 74/80 6-12 month 33 cm 26 cm 86/92 1-2 year 36 cm 28 cm 98/104 3-4 year 38 cm 30 cm 110/116 5-6 year 40 cm 32 cm
Size body Age Length Width 68 6 month 39,5 cm 19 cm 80 12 month 41 cm 21 cm


You can choose to adhere the stickers at the inside or at the outside of the window.

Installation Guide for Stickers with Transfer Film Only perform the installation at temperatures above 10 °C Clean the area that will be labeled from fat and dirt well. ATTENTION: A lotus effect coating of windows and painted surfaces strongly reduces the agglomerating power of the sticker. If the car has a lotus effect coating, the area must be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or silicone remover first.
HINT: The sticker should not be placed in the wiping area of the windscreen wiper.
The sticker will be delivered on a background paper and is covered by a transparent transfer film. Pull off the background paper carefully. Make sure that the motif remains entirely on the transfer film.
HINT: In case the sticker will not be optimally released from the background paper (e. g. after lying for a long time), just place it on an even base, press with a flat, blunt item (e. g. ice scraper) strongly and try to strip it from the background paper again.
Align the sticker and affix it with the transfer film to desired place. Brush with a flat, blunt item (e. g. an old phone card) with pressure over the transfer plastic film or press hard on the sticker with the flat hand. Strip off the transparent transfer film carefully.
Done. The sticker is washing bay proof after about three till five days. The durability in exterior areas is about three till five years.

How can I remove the stickers?
The stickers can be removed without residue at warm temperatures. For a better removal, you may heat up the sticker with a hair blower.

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